Let’s Play Banished: Northpass EP6 – Great Tool Crisis of the Early 20s

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Where we’re at now:

Above:  The city’s current status.  This episode we focused on solving the tool crisis by adding another blacksmith and increasing our production of wood.

Below:  Part of the issue is the high use of firewood by wooden houses, so we began the process of upgrading the homes to stone.  This wasn’t possible before but now that we have a quarry operating, the stone resource is renewable (to the extent of the capacity of the quarry).  We also built the schoolhouse to increase the productivity of our workers as they become more educated.

Above:  We are dealing with some food issues as production has not kept up with demand.  The large food stores we had have depleted, so we have focused some efforts on increasing production, including this new fishing pier.

Below:  This is a new section of the village, our third forest camp (with foresters, gatherers, hunters, and a herbalist).

Above: A look at the location of the new forest camp.

Below:  Glamour shots.



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