Let’s Play Cities Skylines: Fairview Shores EP18 – Filling Out Central Business District

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The next episode of Fairview Shores is here!  Be sure to watch the video, give it a like, and subscribe to my channel to follow along.

Where we’re at now:

Above:  The city’s current status.  We grew by several thousand residents this episode, and are now nearing 50,000 people living in the region.

Below:  Traffic status.  The flow continues to remain steady, despite some hot spots.  Even the red areas flow well, without any standstills.

Above:  Public transportation continues to be popular.  This episode we added two bus routes in the central business district.

Below:  The main build of the episode, expanding the Hillside Park neighborhood in order to generate enough people to fill out the rest of the office zoning in Fairview.

Above: We also added a new park between the homes in Hillside Park and the tram depot.

Below:  We added an avenue which connects New Texas to Fairview.

Above:  An overview of the region.  You can see the central business district area is complete; next we will need to add a few more residential neighborhoods surrounding it, and then expand to fill some of the other areas with more low density neighborhoods.

Below:  The view from the mountaintop makes all of the buildings seem very small.

Above:  The region at night.

Below:  Glamour Shots.


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