2020: The Year of Community Building

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Happy New Year! I am declaring 2020 to be the year of Community Building. To learn what that means, keep reading!

2019 was a really exciting year for the channel, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where 2020 leads. In the 2.5 years I’ve been doing this channel, I’ve found the greatest enjoyment in seeing the community grow and getting to know people from across the world.

Help me learn more about the community we are building by completing this year’s community survey: https://forms.gle/xhf8yzSEzzaDcJ7G7

This year, I want to make that an even bigger focus for the channel, and to achieve that goal I want to do things like send you postcards, feature your artwork and screenshots, and review your cities! Here’s more information:

Review, Fix, and/or Feature Your City

I’d love to start seeing your cities and featuring them in videos! If you have a city you’d like me to review, fix, and/or just show off, then fill out this form (https://forms.gle/ozRUZkY6267844nX8).

Community Artwork

I want to start featuring artwork from the community (preferably artwork which is related to something I’ve done like Ludington) here on the community tab as well as on social media. If you’re interested in having your artwork featured, please fill out this form (https://forms.gle/2ikrrbTAFBVcyptE7).

Community Screenshots

Many of you are amazing city builders and gamers, and I want to help show off your work. If there’s something you’ve created that you want me to feature in a post or on social media, please upload a screenshot and fill out this form (https://forms.gle/8k4oowUPh7LtMxsAA).

Community City Build

I’ll have more information about this in the near future, but the idea is that I’ll be building a city using submissions from you. A part of the city will be available for development each month, and you’ll be able to submit a design for the area. Patreon supporters of the channel (https://patreon.com/czardus) will be able to vote for the winning submission as well as receive extra time to work on their own submissions.

Postcards from Czardus

I think it’s great when I get to send a postcard out to followers, and I’ve decided to open that up to anyone who wants to receive one. If you’re interested in receiving a postcard from me, please fill out this form (https://forms.gle/c4oQaWLfr5b8C9ecA), and I hope that once you receive it you will mention me on social media!