The Founding of Bremerdale

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Editor’s Note:  The following is taken from The Daily Dale’s historical archives, and appeared in the paper on June 21, 1877:

The Plantation of New Trees

The Mayor of the town, Edward Thornton, wanted a green city, so he started to plant trees, make parks. He wanted to attract more families into the town. His idea worked well, and he started to build some houses. We talked with one of the new families that moved here 1 week ago:

We came here from Madison Valley with our two childrenWe lived in a little house with 1 room, and that was a bit small by now since little Amy is bornWe fitted in very quickly.

Bremerdale’s First Landfill

The first landfill started working 2 weeks ago. The director of the company is the 30-year-old Richard Haledon. He’s dad had a business in Fillmore. Richard moved here with his dad, and his brother when he was 15. He worked as a postman for  7 years. Then his dad opened a hardware store, he worked there for 6 years. His dad died in carbon monoxide poisoning, so Richard closed the Hardware store for safety reasons. And now he owns 2 horse carriages to collect trash.

The First Town Meeting

The town of Bremerdale is growing, we need a lot of merchants. The Mayor Edward Thornton called an assembly with all the citizens of the town. Everybody agreed that the town needs a marketplace. Every Saturday at 7am the market take place at the town square. You can hire stands at the town hall between 8 and 10am.

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