Let’s Play Cities Skylines: Fairview Shores EP30 – Redwood Hill

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The next episode of Fairview Shores is here!  Be sure to watch the video, give it a like, and subscribe to my channel to follow along.

Where we’re at now:

Above:  The city’s current status.  We added residential zoning but the population dropped.  We are probably experiencing a death wave.

Below (2 images):  Traffic status.  Traffic flow remains consistent.

Above (2 images):  Public Transit. We didn’t make any changes, other than naming the new tram lines from the last episode and changing their colors.

Below:  Land value.  I like to check this every once in a while just for fun.

Above: The new water treatment location. Now that the garbage collectors combat water pollution we are able to move the water treatment facilities to better out of the way locations.

Below:  The old water treatment area was turned into a park.

Above:  This is a hiking trail I made which is 1/2 the size of the regular pedestrian path.

Below:  The new homes in Redwood Hill overlook the city.

Above:  The IT-Cluster area, called Data Park.

Below:  Glamour shots.


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