Fairview Shores EP11: Central Business District Road Layout

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Where we’re at now:


Above:  The current status of the city.  Population was pretty stable this episode, as we didn’t add any zoning.

Below:  The entire region.




Above:  The current mass transit situation.  Soon we’ll be adding some metro lines to connect with the central business district.

Below:  The contour map of the region.  I’m particularly interested in the hills just to the left of the central business district, as that will provide a natural limit to the high density area.



Above: The entire region from satellite.

Below:  The road layout of the new central business district.  This area still needs some mass transit added but eventually it should serve a large amount of high density commercial and office zoning.  High density residential will surround it.



Above:  Another angle.

Below:  Small expansion in the industrial area to accommodate two cargo rail stations for deliveries to the central business district.

Above:  New Texas, with the subdivisions detailed with trees.  There’s still plenty of space to add more subdivisions along with a lot more low density commercial.

Below:  Glamour shots.








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