Capilano Islands – Finishing Terraforming

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I finished up the base terraforming of Capilano Islands this morning.  You can see the general overview of the island above.  Next up will be to add the resources, then the detailing will begin.

The process was simple, and you can watch it all in the playlist on my YouTube Channel.

Here are some screenshots of what we have so far:

Above: Water feature on one island, looking towards another.

Below:  View from high in the mainland mountains.

Above:  Testing a concept for detailing the rocky coasts.

Below:  Waterfall on the mainland.

Above:  Switchback in one of the mountain streams on the mainland.

Below:  A mountainous island.

Above:  The tiles.  You can see the start square is up and to the left of the center tile.

Below:  A wide angle of the region.