Introducing Fairview Shores!

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This is the inaugural post for my newest Cities Skylines Let’s Play series, Fairview Shores!  In Fairview Shores, we will be playing without any mods or assets from the Steam Workshop. The only things I’m using from the Workshop are the map, Lönnebay Universal, the map theme, Realistic V1.5.5 Temperate, and the LUT, New Caledonia (Concrete) v1.1.

After each episode, I will also be making a post here on with screenshots to provide additional information.  I want this project to be community-driven, so it’s important to get viewers and readers involved.  Be sure to let me know your thoughts through either a comment here on, a comment on YouTube, or on Twitter.

Preliminary Planning

Now, on to the preliminary planning that must take place.  I spent some time looking at the map and have some ideas of how I’d like to proceed.

Here’s an overview of the workable area.

I think the preliminary plan will be to eventually purchase the tiles marked with the yellow X (sorry for my poor paint skills, but this is the easiest way to edit quickly):

And here’s the starting tile:

I’m not sure what I want the starting tile to eventually be – central business district (CBD), residential, industry, etc.  I’m leaning towards industry, mainly because if we follow my initial plan for tile purchases/expansion, this tile will not be centrally located.  So it won’t be a good spot for the CBD.  Any thoughts on that?

In any event, we have to start here, so we need to plan out the water.  Here’s the water overlay:

The water drains on the top right, so we’ll plan to put the sewage outflow there and draw fresh water from the river on the left.

That’s it for now.  I hope to get the first episode posted soon, so if you have any comments, make them now!