Let’s Play Banished: Northpass EP14 – Fire of 54 & Farmer Achievement

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The next episode of Northpass is here!  Be sure to watch the video, give it a like, and subscribe to my channel to follow along.

Where we’re at now:

Above:  The city’s current status.  We continue to grow, and production seems to be doing fine.

Below:  We had our first fire.  It took out seven houses and a market even though water access was right next door.

Above:  I noticed that we were beginning to use more firewood, so we built another forest camp.  Like the others, this one has a gatherer’s hut, hunting cabin, and an herbalist.

Below:  One of the mines here is already being worked as our first coal mine.  So we now have both iron and coal in order to create steel tools.  The other mine is a placeholder for the next time a mine is emptied.

Above: We added a new farm and another orchard, along with a second church and a third school.

Below:  Glamour shots


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