Let’s Play Cities Skylines: Capilano Islands EP14 – Athletic Fields and Small Park

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The next episode of Capilano Islands is here!  Be sure to watch the video, give it a like, and subscribe to my channel to follow along.

Where we’re at now:

Above:  A look at where we’re at.

Below:  This episode we added more athletic fields to the high school property.  Specifically, we added a baseball field and some tennis courts.  We also added a small park to fill out the space.

Above:  A zoomed out view to show the location relative to the town as a whole.

Below: The small park includes a playground and a picnic area.


Above:  The fenced in area is still up for development.  If you have something you would like built in that location, leave a comment on YouTube with a link to the steam workshop item.

Below:   Glamour shots.


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