Let’s Play Cities Skylines: Fairview Shores EP24 – International Airport

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The next episode of Fairview Shores is here!  Be sure to watch the video, give it a like, and subscribe to my channel to follow along.

Where we’re at now:

Above:  The city’s current status.  We didn’t focus on growing the population at all this episode, but rather some of the infrastructure.

Below:  Traffic status.  Our traffic flow has returned to normal, primarily due to some changes in our public transit network during this episode.

Above:  We extended a metro line into Hillside Park.  We also extended a line that previously began in New Texas and terminated in Fairview.  That line now connects to Norwich, Cabo Bay, and the new Airport.  Finally, we added some bus lines in Cabo Bay.

Below:  The main focus of the episode was on starting construction of the international airport.  We still need to add a few things to the island and do some detailing, but the airport is now up and running.

Above: Another angle showing the airport.

Below:  The airport already services over 600 passengers in a week.

Above:  We rearranged the bus terminal in Cabo Bay slightly in an experiment to see if it would improve traffic.

Below:  The Cabo Bay park is currently one of my favorite parts of the entire region.

Above:  The region as a whole.


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