Let’s Play Cities Skylines: Fairview Shores EP21 – Cargo Harbor Infrastructure

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Where we’re at now:

Above:  The city’s current status.  We did not grow, and in fact I think the population shrunk a little – likely due to a death wave.  We did see the zoning demand balance out a little bit and the current unemployment rate is 6%.  Once we see how the death wave balances out, we can determine if more residential is prudent.

Below:  Traffic status.  The flow continues to remain steady, despite some hot spots.  Even the red areas flow well, without any standstills.  We made no changes to the road network this episode.

Above:  We didn’t change anything to the public transit network this episode, but we did discuss plans for a new monorail along the coast in the undeveloped section of the map.

Below:  The main focus of the episode was on the base infrastructure of the cargo harbor.  Each of these harbor/rail stations will service a different area.  Four of them will service a new district in the future, and the fifth connects to the main rail line to head to the existing generic industrial areas.  We will also eventually develop a small generic industrial area here as well.

Above: Another angle, showing the location of the cargo harbor a little better in relation to the city.

Below:  This is where the rail on the left connects to the main line.  The other two head off to future planned districts.

Above:  This station will likely be the first district we develop, and this image shows the location.  On the other side of the highway is Norwich and Fairview.  Sandy Shoals is to the top right.

Below:  This is the area which will be serviced by the one rail that heads off on its own.  The station is situated almost to the end of the tile to the left.

Above:  A look at the four rail lines heading towards the city.

Below:  Glamour Shots.




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