Fairview Shores EP8: Fixing the City Entrance

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The next episode of Fairview Shores is here!  Be sure to watch the video, give it a like, and subscribe to my channel to follow along.

Where we’re at now:


Above:  Our current city.  We didn’t grow much since the last episode, as this episode was focused almost exclusively on improving the city’s main entrance from the highway. We added a roundabout with a flyover, along with rail connecting the farming industry to the generic and the generic to the external world. We also added fire helicopter service to help combat forest fires.

Below:  The helicopter pad is located near the sewage outflows, leading to the use of brown water to put out the fires.



Above:  Even though the water is brown, it still puts out fires!  This cut down on the size of the fires considerably, though we still have a high frequency due to all of the trees.

Below:  The new interchange at the main entrance to the city.  I built it elevated in order to fit trains underneath, though I’m not entirely sold on the elevation just yet.  Also, the cargo traffic from the left does not end up taking the roundabout.  I’ll be working to fix that issue between episodes, and once it’s all set I’ll be filling in the gaps with trees.



Above:  We built a train line to connect the farming district Lonne to the generic industry district, and the trains are already in use.

Below:  We also added a train line to connect the generic industry to the external world.



Above:  These infrastructure improvements allowed us to add more generic industry to Greenwood.

Below:  The current traffic situation.  The flow is fine, but we could still make some improvements.



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