Fairview Shores EP6: New Tile Expansion

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The second episode of Fairview Shores is here!  Be sure to watch the video, give it a like, and subscribe to my channel to follow along.

Where we’re at now:


Above:  Our current city.  We have a ton of cash and are still operating at a surplus.  We’ve also passed the next milestone with a population of over 7500.  We can now build trains and monorails if we want.

Below:  A glimpse at traffic, which continues to flow smoothly.  There are a couple of spots that are a little red, but there are no backups.



Above:  Here’s the basic road layout for the new tile.  There are two main avenues which intersect in the middle of the tile.  This will be primarily suburbs, with some light commercial in the square near the intersection.

Below:  The first subdivision in the new tile.  These will be more “American style” with curvy roads.



Above:  This is a view of some of the homes along the shoreline.  In the bonus EP5.5 I added various trees to the city to beautify it a bit.

Below:  We added our first bus routes to the city, and they are already proving to be popular!



Above:  There are currently four bus routes.  One goes along the shoreline, another two go through Valley Stream on perpendicular paths, and a third connects the industrial districts and heads up to the new suburb.

Below:  A view of the neighborhoods in Valley Stream which have been detailed a bit.



Above:  The current city at sunset.

Below:  The same shot from the other angle.





Please comment here on Czardus.com, twitter, or youtube with your input on the following:

  1. We need a name for the new suburb.
  2. Do you like the detailing in the neighborhoods?  Should I do the same in other neighborhoods, between episodes?
  3. Anything you want to comment about.